residents of vanuatu believe prince phillip the duke

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Unformatted text preview: ns? Basis for rumor etc is: Negative Negative emotions Diffuse Diffuse emotions (“anxiety”) Emotional Emotional state prompted by social events Study 1 Collected 112 legends Tested three hypotheses: 1. Information—pass 1. Information—pass along stories that contain plausible/useful information; plausible/useful information; 2. Entertainment—interesting, 2. Entertainment—interesting, fun stories that elicit joy, joy, surprise, and that are well constructed 3. Disgust—stories 3. Disgust—stories that elicit specific emotions are passed passed along DV: Would you tell this story to others? 3 12/2/2013 the more disgusting the more ppl want to tell their friends the story Study 2 Heath et al. People pass along stories that elicit: Interest, Interest, disgust, surprise, and joy That That are plausible That have rich plot and realistic characters That have rich plot and realistic characters Information Information matters, but so does narrative and and emotional appeal the more disgusting the story, the more likely ppl are going to want to pass it on. Another hypoth - humans like to have control, they can control the world around them, their futures etc. In part CTs explained by lack of control? Manipulate levels of control, do ppl see stuff that isn't there? Whitson Whitson & Galinsky (2008): Why do we we see patterns that aren’t there? Whitson & Galinsky (2008): Control Parachute Parachute jumpers more likely to see an image in a random random pattern just before a jump People People who fish in dangerous waters have more rituals than people who fish in the shallows than people who fish in the shallows Sports. Sports. People in more unstable positions have more superstitious superstitious rituals (e.g., baseball pitchers) this gets flashed up on a screen, you get asked 'is there something present?' if you think so write it down do ppl who lack control start seeing evidence in patterns when there's nothing actually there? ex Virgin Mary in a slice of toast which sold for $28k ex Jesus in a tree We see patterns in clouds, etc First First year MBA students more likely to believe in CTs than than second years 4 12/2/2013 these surveys were taken in the 80s 90%: 90%: Kenney assassinated by someone other than Lee Harvey Harvey Oswald; 41%: The air force is hiding evidence for UFO visitations; 42%: FBI involved in Martin Luther King’s assassination; 55%: 55%: Reagan and Bush conspired with Iranians to ensure hostages would not be released until after elections. elections. lots of evidence for CTs that are believed by surprisingly large #s of ppl... why? Hypothesis: Hypothesis: When people lack control, they attempt attempt to create it by perceiving patterns Part 3: Who believes CTs? Experiment 1: Low control— Low control—random performance feedback Experimental control— Experimental control—no feedback DV: Scale—personal need for structure DV: Sca...
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