Kennedy was killed by a lone assassin named lee

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Unformatted text preview: ted each for how persuasive it was. E.g., eye-witnesses identified shots from the eye witnesses identified shots from the “grassy “grassy knoll” “Inadequacy of the “single-bullet theory” “singleBack and to the left. . . Back and to the. . . all evid for CTs, asked to rate how believable each piece of evid is. Take 2 extremes (CTs vs LHO believers) reading same evidence. Each side hearing same evidence and judging what's persuasive/believable simply reflects their prior belief. The stronger prior belief, the more likely to interpret evid as confirming their prior belief. Not surprising it's hard to persuade ppl because they're unwilling to accept contrary evidence. Conclusion When? Social Social conflict Social Social anxiety/uncertainty Leadership and justifications for war/change Leadership and justifications for war/change Why? Manage Manage specific emotions The The CTs contain important information There There is narrative appeal 6...
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