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Unformatted text preview: . When do CTS form and spread? Definition TopTop-down: Conspiracy Conspiracy theories are sets of often erroneous beliefs that people use to explain malevolent and/or unlawful acts that are directed by and in favor of small that are directed by and in favor of a small and powerful group that works in secret against a larger group of unwitting victims. Leadership Leadership and justification for war ex, Nazis in WW2 "The Pols invaded" (not true) Bottom-up: Bottom-up: Social environments that are uncertain and evoke evoke anxiety E.g., Intergroup conflict (war, terrorism, disease) disease) Usually regular ppl in right context - CTs move from bottom up not up bottom. Make ppl feel better. http://www.pipa.org/OnlineReports/Iraq/Iraq Media_Oct03/IraqMedia_Oct03_rpt.pdf Social context and the spread of CTs More CTs found in the Middle-East than Middle-East other other locations; M.E. characterized by lots of ethnic and intl conflict for some time, not surprisingly, lots of CTs Go to Poland you'll find lots of CTs spikes in CTs when there's "scary wars" coming along Powerless Eastern-European countries; ernYugoslavia during NATO bombing in ‘99 2 12/2/2013 examples of top-down but it does appear much of the time it's actually the bottom-up, gen pop producing by itself - why? ex, western democracy not immune from CTs... vaccines that cause autism? talking on mobile phones cause brain cancer? village 'witches' beaten in India? yes, more likely to get crazy beliefs in tough places but we're not immune because we're rich and healthy ex, The Birthers - Obama is a Muslim who refuses to put his hand on the Bible and wants to turn the US into a Muslim country BottomBottom-Up CT spread aided by shared psychology: Why do people believe weird things? things? Narrative Narrative appeal and information value 9:06 Ppl can't help selves... look for patterns - SCT Simply happens because this is how human brains work? Ex, Shermer video, auditory illusions (TED talk) - playing Stairway to Heaven backwards - hidden messages? you're supposed to hear a message to Satan = pattern recognition, prime and then see patterns that aren't really there, seems to play out more frequently and more intensely in some soc circumstances more than others... what are the soc circumstances? Emotional Emotional gratification Sense Sense making patterns Need Need for control ex, Penis Theft panic in Benin > many ppl believe there's a penis stealing demon thru a handshake ex, Monkey Mystery in Delhi - mysterious creature allegedly attacked city's residents - part man, part monkey ex, British blamed for Basra badgers (giant, man-eating badgers) ex, Sex attacks in Tanzania blamed on bat demon - ppl smearing selves in pigs' oil to ward off attacks ex, Cargo Cults - hunter-gatherers who live in island communities, then a war ship shows up leaves 'cargo' ... residents of Vanuatu believe Prince Phillip the Duke of Edinburgh to be an island god Shermer Heath, Heath, Bell, & Sternberg (2001) Urban Urban legends Do Do people pass along information b/c of informational informational content, or b/c of emotio...
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