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Unformatted text preview: the evidence even when it falsifies their belief psychological biases aiding in maintenance of conspiracies?? it doesn't make sense to believe in things even when we don't have evidence... 4. What explains the staying power of CTs? The moon landing was faked The Bilderberg group and the New World Order KFC KFC is made by the KKK to make black men impotent impotent Global warming is a fraud Princess Princess Diana was murdered by the Royal family family Jews conspire to take over the world Churchill Churchill knew of the impending attack on Pearl Harbor, but kept it secret to draw the US into the war war Stealth Stealth bombers were made by reverse engineering engineering UFOs Features Features of CTs Conspiracy Conspiracy theory survival is aided by psychological biases and distrust of official sources; sources; The The content of conspiracies is emotionally laden and their their discovery can be gratifying; at least potentially... 3. Who believes in CTs? Conspiracy Conspiracy theories of one form or another are held by most people Conspiracies Conspiracies really do exist! Conspiracies aren't plain irrational BUT why do ppl believe in conspiracies that don't have any evidence in their favor? 1 12/2/2013 During wartime there is often a minority pop, govt often worried the minority pop will join the other side... rumors undermining the war effort? Research started because of this. Much of the research is done not on CTs but on similar phenomena CTs similar to but different from: Knapp (1944) Rumors Rumor: Rumor: Knapp (1944). A proposition for belief of topical reference reference disseminated without official verification. Collected 1089 rumors in 1942” 2% wish based (e.g., the Japanese do not have enough oil to last last 6 months) 25% fear based (e.g., the entire Pacific Fleet was lost at Pearl Harbor) Harbor) 66% hostile (e.g., that Churchill blackmailed Roosevelt into provoking provoking war with Japan) 7% 7% huh? ex, entire fleet sunk at Pearl Harbour Urban Urban legends: Contemporary stories that typically have a moral moral lesson; ex there's a friend of a friend of mine... Gossip: Gossip: Interpersonal communication about the reputation of other people who are typically not present of ex. IP comm about someone else who is not here right now - humans spend most of their lives gossiping Social functions of stereotypes ex, Nazi propaganda stereotyping of 'undesirables' - core of it hostile stereotypes involved in CTs 50% concerned intergroup tensions—i.e., Antitensions— Antiadministration; anti-British; anti-Semitic antiantiPeople People believe and pass along rumors when there is social social anxiety and uncertainty Part Part 2...
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