L17 Conspiracy Theories

G that churchill blackmailed roosevelt into provoking

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Unformatted text preview: iled Roosevelt into provoking war with Japan) 7% huh? Social environments that are uncertain and evoke anxiety E.g., Intergroup conflict (war, terrorism, disease) http://www.pipa.org/OnlineReports/Iraq/Iraq Media_Oct03/IraqMedia_Oct03_rpt.pdf More CTs found in the Middle-East than Middleother locations; Powerless Eastern-European countries; ernYugoslavia during NATO bombing in ‘99 2 12/2/2013 BottomBottom-Up Shermer CT spread aided by shared psychology: Why do people believe weird things? things? Narrative appeal and information value 9:06 Emotional gratification Sense making patterns Need for control Heath, Bell, & Sternberg (2001) Urban legends Do people pass along information b/c of informational content, or b/c of emotions? Study 1 Collected 112 legends Tested three hypotheses: Basis for rumor etc is: Negative emotions Diffuse emotions (“anxiety”) Emotional state prompted by social events 1. Information—pass along stories that contain Information— plausible/useful information; plausible/useful information; 2. Entertainment—interesting, fun stories that elicit Entertainment— joy, surprise, and that are well constructed 3. Disgust—stories that elicit specific emotions are Disgust— passed along DV: Would you tell this story to others? 3 12/2/2013 Study 2 Heath e...
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