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Unformatted text preview: t Instructions: (Part 3) For each allowed combination, add one of the following labels (σs, σs*, σp, σp*, σs/p, σs/p*, !y, !y*, !z, !z*) where * denotes an antibonding interaction. x z y Side-by-Side x 2px 2px z y x 2p x sy –2p x –2s y zy y xx zy y xx 2py+2py = πy 2py-2py = πy* 2px x 2pz - - u re s 2 (y s sy py –2px Instr2ctions:pPart 1) Fo–2ach–2mmetry 2px allowed combination, draw the orbital that z z z 2 results when zhe ywo atomz are bzougy t together azom y ty s yr h yt t –2px along the the x-axx (calling thexnternuclear axis is i x x the x-axis).xSee the example below: x atom 1 try that SHEET #1 Pairwise Combinations x z y xx z z y xx x x x y atom 1 x atom 2 x x atom 1 2pz z y y x x x x atom 2 x x Instructions: (P around the grou x that are not xllo a symmetry reaso forbidden" in lar SrHEErTtal#ogether from two different atoms → m B inging o bi s t 1 x x • some orbital combinations interact in such a wayx s to xon a c Inselruction s: ensitt 1)etor eacthsynumletry onding interactions) t ectr d (Par y b F we n h e m c ei (b allo• somcoorbitaticomdrnations onbetalcthiatsuch a way as to dep wed e mbin al on, biaw the irt i ra t n...
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