Chem_Sheet_3 - R = 0.082058 L atm / mol K when P is in atm...

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mΔH vapn = amount of heat / # of moles ΔH cond = - ΔH vapn Amount of heat needed to raise the temperature (ΔH) = mass X specific heat (kJ) X ΔT d = MP/RT Mass in grams (m) = number of moles (n) X molar mass (M) M = m/n mRT = MPV P = dRT/M Enthalpy of fusion: ΔH fusion = amount of heat / number of moles Enthalpy of sublimation (solid vapor): ΔH fusion + ΔH vapn Triple point : Where the solid, liquid, and gas phase meets Critical Point : where liquid and gas become indistinguishable Dispersion forces : attraction between an instantaneous and an induced dipole Dispersion forces become stronger with increasing molar mass and elongation. As forces become stronger, boiling points become higher. In hydrogen bonding, the force is greater when hydrogen is bonded to small, electronegative atoms: H, F, N Adhesive forces : intermolecular forces between unlike molecules Cohesive forces : intermolecular forces between like molecules Viscosity : measure of a liquids resistance to its flow Molarity (M) = amount of solute (mol) / volume of solution (L) Mole fraction = partial mol / total mol Molality (m) = mol solute / kg solvent Percent by mass = amount of component i (mol) / total amount of solution components (mol) Part per million = 1 mg / L Part per trillion = 1 ng / L Part ber billiob = 1 μg / L Solubility decreases with temperature…. .Solubility is directly proportional to pressure S=kP gas Raoult’s law: The vapor pressure of the solvent above the solution (P
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Chem_Sheet_3 - R = 0.082058 L atm / mol K when P is in atm...

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