High level inside computer system programs called

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Unformatted text preview: omputer, system programs called compiler and Inside system compiler assembler break the user program down into assembly assembler code (instruction set) and then into binary machine code. code The machine code is processed by the 5-piece hardware The (control unit, datapath, memory, input and output) to obtain the desired result. the Readings on architecture: – S. Borkar and A. A. Chen, “The Future of Microprocessors,” Comm. S. ACM, vol. 54, no. 5, pp. 67-77, May 2011. ACM – J. Fitzpatrick,”An Interview with Steve Furber,” Comm. ACM, vol. 54, J. Comm. vol. no. 5, pp. 34-39, May 2011. no. – D. A. Patterson, "The Trouble with Multi-Cores," IEEE Spectrum, vol. D. IEEE vol. 47, no. 7, pp. 28-32 and 52-53, July 2010. 47, Spring 2014, Jan 13 Spring ELEC 5200-001/6200-001 Lecture 1 18...
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