Bio151 Sp13 Exam 3 answer key

What are the two ways that you would manipulate this

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Unformatted text preview: are often used to study how the transcription of a particular gene is controlled during fruit fly development. You are interested in a gene called brainless that you think is involved in neural cell development. A. (2 pts) Draw or describe how the reporter gene construct would be constructed. The promoter of brainless would be attached to the reporter gene of your choosing (LacZ, GFP, luciferase) B. (1 pt) Give an example of a reporter gene that is often used in research. Pick one: LacZ, GFP, luciferase C. (3 pts) What information about brainless would be gained by the use of the reporter gene construct that you described in part A? You could hopefully figure out in which cell types it is being expressed, and at what point during development (eg what stage of development) 5 Bio151 Sp13 Name: Exam 3 Prof. Francis Discussion Section number or TA’s name or DS day/time: Question 4 (10 pt...
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