Bio151 Sp13 Exam 3 answer key

Lacz the gene which produces beta galactosidase will

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Unformatted text preview: this question was: if you have a situation in which repressor was not 2 Bio151 Sp13 Name: Exam 3 Prof. Francis Discussion Section number or TA’s name or DS day/time: bound (due to mutation or having lactose around), and CAP was not bound as well (due to mutation or having glucose around) then you’d get low levels. A6. Make a LOF mutation in the operator of the lac operon and add glucose A7. Make a LOF mutation in CAP and add lactose A8. Make a mutation in the promoter of the LacI repressor and add glucose and lactose B9. Make a mutation in the LacI repressor such that it cannot bind inducer but can still bind the DNA B10. Make a LOF mutation in the LacY gene Questions 11- 16 In wildtype E. coli, if the cells are given a high concentration of lactose and a low concentration of glucose, which of the following will happen? A = True, B = False B11. Lactose will bind to the operator and turn off the lac operon B12. Lactose will cause a conformation change in the repressor protein and it will bind to the operator A13. lacZ, the gene which produces beta- galactosidase will be turned on, and lacY, the gene that produces permease, will be turned on B14. Cyclic AMP (cAMP) levels will be low B15. Ribosomes will bind to the promoter sequence A16. The CAP protein, bound with cAMP, will recruit RNA polymerase to the promoter. Use the following...
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