Bio151 Sp13 Exam 1 answer key

A gene 1 expression only b gene 2 expression only c

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Unformatted text preview: first experiments your grow your cells in a dish, and add various signals to the dish and determine how the cells respond. You get the following information. Assume there are no other genes or signals beyond what is mentioned. Sketch the signal pathways FIRST, then answer the questions. Signal Response Signal 1 only Gene 1 is expressed Signal 2 only No change in gene expression Signal 3 only No change in gene expression Signal 1 + 2 Gene 1 is expressed briefly and then stops Signal 2 + 3 No change in gene expression Signal 1 + 3 Gene 1 and Gene 2 are expressed Given the information above, what can you say about this system? A = True; B = False A19. Signal 1 leads to the binding of a TF to the DNA of Gene 1 A20. Two different signaling pathways are required for expression of Gene 2 B21....
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