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Bio151 Sp13 Exam 1 answer key

Question 5 ado you agree with the following statement

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Unformatted text preview: ), the inner cell mass is the part that differentiates into the placenta. B3. The adult body does not contain any stem cells. B4. iPS cells hold much promise for curing disease because they can be taken out of a person’s body and put back and the cells are never rejected by their immune system. Question 5 ADo you agree with the following statement (Diagram 2)? (A = Yes; B = No) If the “skin signal” molecule can be received by the cell, then DET genes must have been turned on at some point in the cell’s lifetime. Questions 6- 12 Transplanting various types of stem cells has shown some promise is curing disease, whereas transplanting fully differentiated, mature cells rarely works to cure disease. Which of the following might explain this? (A = Yes; B = No)...
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