Ch 3 Parenting Styles


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Unformatted text preview: poor social skills Research does show that for some ethnic minority groups (e.g., African Americans) that this style does not have these negative outcomes. Permissive Parenting A.K.A. Indulgent parenting Let child’s preferences take priority Rarely force the child to conform to parental standards Don’t learn to control their own behavior; typically expect to get their own way Child’s freedom of expression and autonomy are valued Outcomes= children who are more likely to have poor self­control, domineering, egocentric, difficulties with peers Uninvolved Parenting A.K.A. Neglectful or Rejecting parenting Uninvolved in child’s life Don’t pay much attention to their child’s needs Try to minimize costs of being a parent and put little time/effort into interactions Seldom have expectations regarding child’s behavior Outcomes = children who are more likely to be socially incompetent, problems with independence, poor self­control, low se...
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