Next are some tentative topics for the term report

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Unformatted text preview: r. Next are some tentative topics for the term report (only for guidance). You are encouraged to consider other topics for your report (but you can still take one of the listed topics below as your topic of choice): o Risk handling and response strategies in Turnkey contracts: case of the oil and gas sector. o Risk identification and prioritization: comparative analysis between existing and new pipeline networks. o Comparison between three Monte Carlo simulation software packages with demo using an on-going hotel construction project. o Contractor’s responsibilities for risky events under FIDIC and local laws. o Design-related risks: analysis and legal implications. o Mitigating communication risks via web-based collaborated projects. o Three construction industry sectors: similarities and differences in risk types and response strategies. o Applied management mechanisms for risk monitoring, control and auditing (with case studies). Page 1 of 2 Cairo University CEM Program Term Project STR N421: Risk Management in Construction Spring-2011 Structure and contents of the report are to be decided on by the group members....
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