Think how this could affect the gono go decision for

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Unformatted text preview: ct or an organization is influenced by a certain risk consequence is “relative”. Think how this could affect the “Go/No-Go decision” for a given project. Dr. Maged Ezzat Georgy Risk Risk Triggers Risk triggers are “signs” that a risk event is about to occur occur. A risk trigger signals that something more relevant to the project is on the horizon. Dr. Maged Ezzat Georgy Risk Triggers The following could be triggers for the risk “late delivery delivery of equipment shipped from overseas”: ◦ Complexities in arrangements with the shipping company. ◦ Changes in customs procedures. Dr. Maged Ezzat Georgy Managing Managing Project Risks Projects need to meet specific goals. This is how a project will be judged, whether completed successfully or not. Risks (obviously the ones with negative consequences) are what may prevent a project manager from achieving these goals. Dr. Maged Ezzat Georgy Managing Project Risks Unfortunately, understanding/managing risks is sometimes skipped (or at least poorly handled) on small- and medium...
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