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Unformatted text preview: nderstanding of the project and the surrounding environment”. Identifying risks simply requires some preparation work. Dr. Maged Ezzat Georgy The The Beginning Typically, the “available” project documents are a good good source for information, such as: ◦ Scope / method statements. ◦ WBS. ◦ Activity listing. ◦ Project schedule. ◦ Cost estimates. Dr. Maged Ezzat Georgy The Beginning ◦ Resource plan and requirements. ◦ Quality plan. ◦ Organizational structure. ◦ Procurement polices. ◦ etc. Dr. Maged Ezzat Georgy How How to Identify Project Risks Tools/techniques for identifying risks: ◦ Historical information & records. ◦ Checklists. ◦ Brainstorming sessions. ◦ Interviews. ◦ Nominal group technique. ◦ Delphi method. ◦ Cause-effect (Ishikawa or fishbone) diagrams. Dr. Maged Ezzat Georgy Historical Records Many risk experts recommend that you start with reviewing the records of past projects that are comparable in: ◦ Size, ◦ Complexity, ◦ Scope. Use the records to learn from experiences of the other PMs. Dr. Maged Ezzat Georgy Historical Historical Records In the historical records and lessons learned, you find a wealth of information about: ◦ Risks encountered. ◦ Impacts these risks had on the earlier project(s). ◦ The response actions implemented. ◦ Effectiveness of these response actions. Dr. Maged Ezzat Georgy Checklists Comprehensive checklists can be also used to help identify the risks of a given project. These checklists are typically developed for a specific type type of projects via: ◦ Internal company effort based on previous projects, ◦ Industry institutes and chapters, and ◦ Publications & websites. Dr. Maged Ezzat Georgy C h e c k l i s t s Dr. Maged Ezzat Georgy Interviews This technique involves question-and-answer sessions with: ◦ Domain experts (both insiders and outsiders), ◦ Project stakeholders, ◦ Other senior project/functional managers, or ◦ Anyone who can significantly as...
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