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Unformatted text preview: e 9 Calculating The Latest Finishing Time There is one final piece of information needed to complete our network diagram To identify the CRITICAL activities we must also know the latest time at which any given activity must end This is called the Latest Finishing Time (LFT) of the activity It is calculated by working BACKW ARDS across the network using the following formula: LFT = LFT at end of following activity ­ Duration of following activity © Business Studies Online: Slide 10 Calculating The Latest Finishing Time This information is then placed in the bottom right­hand LFT goes in quarter of the node bottom 0 The first node will ALWAYS right­hand 1 0 quarter of have an LFT of zero node Using our first simple example, the LFT for each activity would be calculated as follows: 0 A 1 0 = 12 ­ 12 2 12 B = 3 ­ 15 3 15 Since the earliest time this project can be finished is 15 weeks then this is also the latest we would like to finish the project. As such: The EST and LFT of the last node are ALWAYS the same © Business Studies Online: Slide 11 The LFT and Simultaneous Activities When there are simultaneous activities there may be more than one value for the LFT A Eg: 2 = 12 ­ B 1 0 0 AA = 14 ­ 14 2 14 = 3 ­ 17 3 17 If Activity AA starts on week 2 it cannot be completed by week 14 So we must take the LOW EST figure This means that the LFT is week 0 © Business Studies Online: Slide 12 Recap of The Latest Finishing Time Re The LFT of the last activity is always equal to its EST The LFT of the first activity is always zero Calculate the LFT by working right to left across a network It is calculated using the following formula: LFT = LFT at end of followin...
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