05 Critical Path Analysis

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Unformatted text preview: project © Business Studies Online: Slide 16 Identifying The Critical Path The critical path identifies the activities that have no float time It is usually identified on a diagram as follows: 0 1 0 A 12 AA 14 2 14 14 Note: A quick visual check can be made that the critical path is correct, since any node on the critical path should have equal EST and LFTs B 3 17 3 17 Dotted Line used to identify CRITICAL PATH However – this example shows that this method alone does not identify the critical activities © Business Studies Online: Slide 17 Question Create and complete a network diagram to represent the following project: Activities A (4 days) and B (5 days) can start simultaneously Activitiy C (4 days) can begin once activities A and B are complete Activity D (3 days) can begin once activity B is complete Activity E (1 day) ends the project and can begin once activities C and D are complete © Business Studies Online: Slide 18 Answer Ans It is not possible… ….unless a DUMMY ACTIVITY is used You may have drawn something like this… A 4 2 C This network is incorrect because it does not show that Activity C is dependent upon both activities A and B 4 1 4 B 5 3 E 1 5 D 3 © Business Studies Online: Slide 19 Dummy Activities Dum A dummy activity is one that is created purely to illustrate dependency They are not labelled and take up no time They are represented by a dotted arrow: So our previous diagram would be completed...
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