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HADM_105_Firstexam_Review - Yellow Sheet Questions Lecture...

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Yellow Sheet Questions Lecture 1 1. What are the defining characteristics for each of the 1-5 Mobil star ratings for hotels? At what minimum star level, according to Mobil, must a hotel be if it is a “full-service” hotel? If a hotel is limited service, what are the most Mobil stars the property could hope to achieve? How many five star lodging establishments are there in the US? - Mobil Five Star – An exceptionally distinctive luxury environment offering expanded amenities and consistently superlative service make these the best hotels and Inns in the US and Canada. Attention to detail and the anticipation of every guests needs are evident. - Mobil Four Star – Outstanding establishment in a distinctive setting with expanded amenities and exceptional service to create a luxury experience. Services may include but are not limited to automatic turndown service, valet parking, and 24-hour room service. - Mobil Three Star – Well appointed establishment with a full service restaurant and expanded amenities and services such as but are not limited to room service, fitness center, and optional turndown service. - Mobil Two Star – Comfortable establishment that is clean and reliable with expanded services including a full service restaurant - Mobil One Star – Clean, comfortable and reliable establishments with limited services and amenities. Some hotels may not have a full service restaurant or dining room. - A hotel must be 2 stars in order for it to be considered “full-service”.*** - Hotels can only be up to 2 stars if it is a “limited service” hotel. - There are 37 Mobil Five Star Lodging Establishments in the US 2. Superb service is the indispensable ingredient of successful high-end brands. What are the four principles that are common to nearly all top-performing luxury brands? - They create a customer-centered culture that identifies, nurtures, and reinforces service as a primary value - They us a rigorous selection process to populate the organization with superior sales and support staff. The impulse to care about accommodating customers cannot be taught to people who are not predisposed to it.
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- They constantly retrain employees to perpetuate organizational values and to help them attain greater mastery of products and procedures. - They systematically measure and reward customer-centric behavior and excellence in sales and service to enforce high standards and reinforce expectations. 3. Employee performance is an important clue used by guests to infer the overall quality of a hotel. If hotel managers understand that guests evaluate service quality based on their perceptions of the service encounter, then they can work to manage those perceptions as effectively as possible. For enhanced service quality, which employee groups should hotel managers focus on first and why? -
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HADM_105_Firstexam_Review - Yellow Sheet Questions Lecture...

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