Lecture 13

Bjt cross section ee105 fall 2013 bjt small signal

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Unformatted text preview: ωp1. ω p1 = 1 RC C L §༊  In general, if node j in the signal path has a small- signal resistance of Rj to ground and a capacitance Cj to ground, then it contributes a pole at frequency (RjCj)- 1 EE105, Fall 2013 Lecture 13 – Slide 8 Prof. Ming C. Wu 4 Pole IdenDficaDon Example ω p1 = EE105, Fall 2013 1 RS Cin ω p2 = Lecture 13 – Slide 9 1 RC C L Prof. Ming C. Wu High- Frequency BJT Model §༊  The BJT inherently has juncDon capacitances which affect its performance at high frequencies. Collector junc?on: depleDon capacitance, Cµ...
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