Ming c wu 4 pole idendcadon example p1 ee105 fall

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Unformatted text preview: ྏ⎜ྎ1 + jω ⎟ྏ ⎜ྎ ω ⎟ྏ⎜ྎ ω ⎟ྏ p1 ⎠ྏ⎝ྎ p 2 ⎠ྏ ⎝ྎ A0 is the low-frequency gain ωzj are “zero” frequencies ωpj are “pole” frequencies §༊  Rules for generaDng a Bode magnitude vs. frequency plot: –  As ω passes each zero frequency, the slope of |H(jω)| increases by 20dB/dec. –  As ω passes each pole frequency, the slope of |H(jω)| decreases by 20dB/dec. EE105, Fall 2013 Lecture 13 – Slide 7 Prof. Ming C. Wu Bode Plot Example §༊  This circuit has only one pole at ωp1=1/(RCCL); the slope of |Av| decreases from 0 to - 20dB/dec at...
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