Ming c wu dealing with a floadng capacitance recall

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Unformatted text preview: EmiIer junc?on: depleDon capacitance, Cje, and also diffusion capacitance, Cb. Cπ ≡ Cb + C je EE105, Fall 2013 Lecture 13 – Slide 10 Prof. Ming C. Wu 5 BJT High- Frequency Model (cont’d) §༊  In an integrated circuit, the BJTs are fabricated in the surface region of a Si wafer substrate; another juncDon exists between the collector and substrate, resulDng in substrate juncDon capacitance, CCS. BJT cross-section EE105, Fall 2013 BJT small-signal model Lecture 13 – Slide 11 Prof. Ming C. Wu Example: BJT Capacitances §༊  The various juncDon capacitances within each BJT are explicitly shown in the circuit diagram on the right. EE105, Fall...
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