The capacitance at the input node is larger than the

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Unformatted text preview: 2013 Lecture 13 – Slide 12 Prof. Ming C. Wu 6 Transit Frequency, fT §༊  The “transit” or “cut- off” frequency, fT, is a measure of the intrinsic speed of a transistor, and is defined as the frequency where the current gain falls to 1. Conceptual set-up to measure fT I out = g mVin I in = Vin Z in ⎛ྎ 1 ⎞ྏ I out = g m Z in = g m ⎜ྎ ⎜ྎ jω C ⎟ྏ = 1 ⎟ྏ I in ⎝ྎ T in ⎠ྏ g ⇒ ωT = m Cin 2πfT = EE105, Fall 2013 Lecture 13 – Slide 13 gm Cπ Prof. Ming C. Wu Dealing with a FloaDng Capacitance §༊  Recall that a pole is computed by finding the resistance and capacitance between a node and GROUND. §༊...
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