Lecture 18

Ee105 fall 2013 lecture 18 slide 8 prof ming c wu 4

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Unformatted text preview: R1, and R2. §༊  VGS can be found using the equa1on above, and ID can be found by using the NMOS current equa1on. EE105, Fall 2013 Lecture 18 – Slide 7 Prof. Ming C. Wu Self- Biased MOS Stage I D RD + VGS + RS I D = VDD 1 W 2 I D = µnCox (VGS − VTH ) 2 L §༊  The circuit above is analyzed by no1ng M1 is in satura1on and no poten1al drop appears across RG. EE105, Fall 2013 Lecture 18 – Slide 8 Prof. Ming C. Wu 4 Current Sources §༊  When in satura1on region, a MOSFET behaves as a curren...
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