Lecture 22

Dierenal signals ee105 fall 2013 lecture 22 slide 8

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Unformatted text preview: r difference is enhanced. v X = Av vin + vr vY = − Av vin + vr v X − vY = 2 Av vin EE105, Fall 2013 Lecture 22 – Slide 6 Prof. Ming C. Wu 3 Differen?al Signals §༊  Differen?al signals share the same average DC value and are equal in magnitude but opposite in phase. §༊  A pair of differen?al signals can be generated, among other ways, by a transformer. EE105, Fall 2013 Lecture 22 – Slide 7 Prof. Ming C. Wu Single- Ended vs. Differen?al Signals EE105, Fall 2013 Lecture 22 – Slide 8 Prof. Ming C. Wu 4 Differen?al Pair §༊  With the addi?on of a tail current, the circuits above operate as an elegant, yet robust differen?al pair. EE105, Fall 2013 Lecture 22 – Slide 9 Prof. Ming C. Wu Common- Mode Response VBE1 = VBE 2 I C1 = I C 2 = I EE 2 VX = VY = VCC − RC EE105, Fall 2...
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