Lecture 22

Ee105 fall 2013 lecture 22 slide 4 prof ming c wu 2

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Unformatted text preview: v vin EE105, Fall 2013 Lecture 22 – Slide 3 Prof. Ming C. Wu Ripple- Free Differen?al Output §༊  If the input signal is to be a voltage difference between two nodes, an amplifier that senses a differen(al signal is needed. EE105, Fall 2013 Lecture 22 – Slide 4 Prof. Ming C. Wu 2 Common Inputs to Differen?al Amp. §༊  The voltage signals applied to the input nodes of a differen?al amplifier cannot be in phase; otherwise, the differen?al output signal will be zero. v X = Av vin + vr vY = Av vin + vr v X − vY = 0 EE105, Fall 2013 Lecture 22 – Slide 5 Prof. Ming C. Wu Differen?al Inputs to Differen?al Amp. §༊  When the input voltage signals are 180° out of phase, the resultant output node voltages are 180° out of phase, so that thei...
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