Ming c wu virtual ground for small input voltages v

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Unformatted text preview: 013 Lecture 22 – Slide 10 I EE 2 Prof. Ming C. Wu 5 Differen?al Response I C1 = I EE IC2 = 0 V X = VCC − RC I EE VY = VCC EE105, Fall 2013 Lecture 22 – Slide 11 Prof. Ming C. Wu Differen?al Response (cont’d) I C 2 = I EE I C1 = 0 VY = VCC − RC I EE V X = VCC EE105, Fall 2013 Lecture 22 – Slide 12 Prof. Ming C. Wu 6 Differen?al Pair Characteris?cs §༊  A differen?al input signal results in varia?ons in the output currents and voltages, whereas a common- mode input signal does not result in any output current/voltage varia?ons. EE105, Fall 2013 Lecture 22 – Slide 13 Prof. Ming C. Wu Virtual Ground §༊  For small input voltages (+ΔV and - ΔV), the gm values are ~equal, so the increase in IC1 and decrease in IC2 are ~equal in magnitude. Thus, the voltage at node P is constant and can be considered as AC ground. I EE +...
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