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PublicHealth_BiostatsFinalProject - Multiple Sexual...

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Multiple Sexual Partners in the Past Three Months and Alcohol Consumption in the Past Thirty Days: Results from the Youth Behavior Risk Surveillance Survey Introduction: In a cross-sectional study using the Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance Survey (YRBSS), the relationship between youth alcohol consumption in the past thirty days and number of sexual partners in the past three months was determined. Alcohol use and risky sexual activity among youth have been the focus of numerous studies as the number of HIV/AIDS and STI diagnosed youth increases in the United States. Often the studies use the predictor variable of substance abuse, which includes alcohol use, and most studies look at substance use and sexual activity over a lifetime without noting current use. The studies that have focused on adolescent sexual activity and substance abuse find a positive association, and these studies conclude that increased youth alcohol consumption leads to an increase in risky sexual behavior, including multiple partners. Whether this same trend holds in a thirty day to three month time frame is of importance in this study. In a May 2004 article in the Journal of Health Economics entitled Teenage sex, drugs and alcohol use: problems identifying the cause of risky behaviors, the authors propose that “it is likely that an adolescent’s sexual behavior and substance use depend on a set of personal and social behaviors” (Rashad, et. al ). The lack of data and the difficulty obtaining data concerning individual behaviors and personality factors limits the examination of the relationship between alcohol use and risky sexual behavior. Another study in the September/ October 2001 issue of Family Planning Perspectives
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  • Fall '08
  • Johnson
  • Null hypothesis, Statistical hypothesis testing, Sexual intercourse, Human sexual behavior, Pearson's chi-square test

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PublicHealth_BiostatsFinalProject - Multiple Sexual...

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