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Hazardous Waste Questions Chapter 14 Question 14-1, 14-3, 14-4, and 14-27 handed in on paper 14-11. There are four steps to risk assessment- hazard identification, exposure assessment, toxicity assessment, and risk characterization. If you are looking at a potential hazardous waste site you need to identify what types of chemicals are going to be disposed of there for hazard identification and evaluate each ones properties in order to understand possibly ways for it to move through the environment. Then for exposure assessment you will evaluate the environmental pathways through which the chemicals could move through such as geology, groundwater, prevailing wind direction etc to understand where the chemicals are likely to move to. Then you would need to evaluate the populations which are likely to be exposed such as on-site workers, people living nearby currently or in the
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Unformatted text preview: future. Then for toxicity assessment you would evaluate how badly the chemicals you think will affect those populations based upon the likelihood of transport through the environmental pathways and exposure frequency evaluated in the previous step. Finally, you will combine the data to determine how much of a risk each one of those chemicals would pose to the populations. Ideally your site should have properties such as a low water table, which would make it harder for the chemicals to move from the site and therefore lowering the risk that it will affect populations. 14-13 Background risk is the risk that someone is exposed to in the absence of the particular variable causing risk being studied. Incremental risk is increase in risk caused by the variable of interest. The total risk is the sum of the background and incremental risk....
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