G land buildings example 2010 auction in mcintosh

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Unformatted text preview: J+#2*/+>+4%2F01+ KJ+.0;0*$+ OOJ+)$:0%+ 1 5/1/12 commercially available according to value. Mineral Rights Mineral Resources m ineral rights are sold separately In many places, __________________________ from the property itself (e.g., land, buildings). Example: 2010 Auction in McIntosh County, Oklahoma For sale: 44 acres of Mineral Rights; 9200 acres of Oil & Gas leases. Ore Manganese Ore Examples: Iron ore Lead Tin Copper Zinc Mercury Bauxite Igneous Mineral Resources Ore _______: rock containing useful metallic minerals that make it valuable for mining; also used to refer to some nonmetallic minerals such as fluorite and sulfur. Lead Ore Mineral Resources __________________naturally occurring useful and essential minerals from Earth’s crust, ultimately available commercially according to value. Magmatic Segregation __________________________local concentration of minerals formed during cooling and crystallization of magma. Gold Ore Types: 1.  Separation of heavy minerals that crystallize early; Iron Ore Fluorite Ore Sulfur Ore 2.  Enrichment of rare elements in the residual melt. Igneous Mineral Resources Diamonds ____________ form of carbon created at great depths under high pressure; once crystallized diamonds are carried up through conduits within ultramafic rock Kimberlite pipes called ___________________ Igneous Mineral Resources Hydrothermal Deposits ______________________ •  Solutions of hot, metalrich fluids move through rock, depositing metals (usually as sulfides) as the fluid cools; •  Hydrothermal deposits are among the bestknown and important ore deposits. 2 5/1/12 Hydrothermal Deposits Vein Deposits _______________Solution moves along fractures, cools, and precipitates within cracks; Metamorphic Ore Deposits Many of the most important metamorphic ore deposits contact metamorphism are produced by _________________________ Examples: Sphalerite Galena...
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