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Scene Clue Who Revealed? Pro Illness will go way when killer of King Laois is kicked out of Thebes. Creon I Laios was making Pilgrimage when he was killed. Creon I Dude, Oedipus, you killed him. “will whip you out of this land some day with only night upon your precious eyes” (23) “You can not see the wretchedness of your life, nor in whose house you live, no, nor with whom.” (22) He is rich now but will be poor, seeing now but will be blind You think he is a foreigner but he is really from Thebes Teiresias II Oracle Said King Laios was going to be killed by his son. (38) We pierced the child’s ankle and left him to die on the mountain. (38) Laios was killed where three highways met. (39) When servant saw Oedipus he begged to be sent away. (41) Iocaste Oedipus, one night a drunk man said the one he thought was his father was not. (42) An oracle said he would kill his father and then sleep with his mother.(42)
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