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Unformatted text preview: iption. Pieces of evidence like bullet casings and blood splatters are photographed, taken from the scene, tested in a lab, and then are written about. For these, the kinds of details used are more to describe measurements, and placements of evidence found in an area. Instead of being able to visualize a body from reading the report, you’re able to visualize the crime scene. They use adjectives to describe colors, smells, and textures of the actual pieces of evidence and everything around it. Sam Suyehira, a criminalist in Canyon County says that you have to be very aware of the crime scene so that you don’t miss taking a picture of evidence, or miss writing about the proximity of the evidence to the body. If an autopsy was done for a suspected homicide, and analyses were made based off the autopsy, the judge would have to be able to read the report and understand how conclusions were drawn about how the person died. Being a criminalist, you have to be incredibly thourough when processing evidence that can’t be compromised. (Suyehira) If there were details missing about how the body was transpor...
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