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Forensics: The “Boring” Side If the field of forensics, there are many reasons for writing to be done. If someone dies from seemingly suspicious causes, a report is written and usually an investigation is carried out. If drugs are found, that adds to the report. If physical evidence like DNA, or something that could have other clues on it is found, it absolutely gets written about. Many other things have to be taken into consideration when writing reports. They have to be very detailed and specific. You've seen a ton of CSI type shows, so you know that writing and talking is like in forensics, right? As much as you’d like to think you know, you really have no idea. If you’ve never read an autopsy report, you would probably be overwhelmed by the information thats packed into it. There are highly specific details about the body and injuries, also anything that the victim was wearing. Adjectives for observations of the five sense are used in a manner that anyone who reads the report (or if they didn’t see the body) could visualize what the doctor was seeing/smelling/feeling, etc. The color of the victim’s eyes, the color of the bruises, or a description of the stage of infection in a cut are all put into an autopsy report. Instead of saying, “victim has a stab wound on their stomach”, the doctor would put “victim has a stab wound on the anterior side of the LRQ of the abdomen”. Medical terminology used in a description can help a person know where the stab wound was without having the body in front of them. Forensic pathologist from Canyon county, Dr. Deters says that forensic reports are strictly factual and emotions about the situation are left out of them. The reports are written this way because its unprofessional in this field to get emotional about crime scenes. The only things that are wanted and needed from crime scene reports or autopsy reports are the facts to prove what happened to the victim and prosecute a suspect.
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I’m hoping to one day get into the forensics field, so Ive done a lot of research to find out what kind of writing is done in that environment. I’ve also had firsthand experience filling out part of an autopsy report, and seeing how the rest of the report is written out. The part that I got to fill out was a table that asked for the weight of all of the organs. This part was easy because it was really straightforward and didn’t require me to know anything besides how to write numbers. At that point, descriptions of the organs were not needed. However, if the victim was suspected of a drug overdose or homicide, the organs would be more carefully looked at after they were weighed. When the doctor is describing the
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Final Draft Essay - Forensics:TheBoringSide...

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