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Unformatted text preview: hat kind of writing is done in that environment. I’ve also had firsthand experience filling out part of an autopsy report, and seeing how the rest of the report is written out. The part that I got to fill out was a table that asked for the weight of all of the organs. This part was easy because it was really straightforward and didn’t require me to know anything besides how to write numbers. At that point, descriptions of the organs were not needed. However, if the victim was suspected of a drug overdose or homicide, the organs would be more carefully looked at after they were weighed. When the doctor is describing the body, the words used are concise, but highly descriptive. The language of medical terminology is made up of prefixes, suffixes and root words that could make one word mean “the removal of the diseased tissue”. For example, part of the report includes the status of the heart, so instead of saying “there is yellow stuff on the big vein”, the report would say “there are substantial amounts of plaque in the a...
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