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Unformatted text preview: e body) could visualize what the doctor was seeing/smelling/feeling, etc. The color of the victim’s eyes, the color of the bruises, or a description of the stage of infection in a cut are all put into an autopsy report. Instead of saying, “victim has a stab wound on their stomach”, the doctor would put “victim has a stab wound on the anterior side of the LRQ of the abdomen”. Medical terminology used in a description can help a person know where the stab wound was without having the body in front of them. Forensic pathologist from Canyon county, Dr. Deters says that forensic reports are strictly factual and emotions about the situation are left out of them. The reports are written this way because its unprofessional in this field to get emotional about crime scenes. The only things that are wanted and needed from crime scene reports or autopsy reports are the facts to prove what happened to the victim and prosecute a suspect. I’m hoping to one day get into the forensics field, so Ive done a lot of research to find out w...
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