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Unformatted text preview: person the sample was taken from” You also have to put what kind of sample was taken (blood or urine) and then mark what test you would like to have done to it. Also, once evidence is taken in for a case, there is a sheet for every piece of it that has to be filled out, that states who was handling it from the crime scene, to the holding room, to the lab, and back to storage. This is done every single time that a piece of evidence is handled. (Evidence Summary Report) Writing in the forensics field is important because it has a lot of influence in what happens in the part of life that sometimes is taboo to talk about. Crime and murder can be scary things, but if the people working to solve cases and prevent bad things like that from happening do their writing well, justice can be served. When getting into the field, it is known to officials how much writing has to be done and how specific you have to be all the time; even what repercussions occur if a report isn...
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