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Unformatted text preview: ted to the lab, or if the holding place of organ samples wasn’t documented, the evidence could be dismissed altogether. In the system, there is a process called “chain of custody”, and this means that anytime evidence from a case is touched, moved or looked at, it has to be written down to be able to prove who looked at what on what day and time. On the criminalist’s half, if they aren’t specific enough about the placement of evidence found, the repercussions could be harmful. The counter argument could say that said pieces of evidence were moved by the officers on scene to make it look like something else had happened, other than what had actually happened. This would make any investigation that was made, obsolete. Once all testing is done and the case is solved, everyone who works in the forensics lab has to write their own report, specifically about what they did. If one person tested a blood sample, another person tested gunpowder residue to find out what kind of bullet was used, and another person tested the bullet casing marks, all of them would write about how their findings led to getting a name in order to arrest someone for murd...
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