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Unformatted text preview: orta”.There can’t be a whole lot of personal side notes included in the reports without making it sounds like a fictitious murder novel. It seems unnecessary for the doctor to say, “The heart is read and slimy”, because he will assume that the person reading his report already knows what a human heart looks like. This kind of report is really all about the body and does not discuss the surroundings of the body where it was found. Criminalist reports are different from coroner ones because they deal less with the body and more with everything that was around it at the time that it was found. There is way more writing involved because evidence requires more words to describe it. There aren’t many concise words to describe placement of things found, and relativity to other pieces of evidence, so that fact itself is going to make the reports seem longer. These reports are also going to involve using more pictures than an autopsy report, because they have to be able to show that nothing was tampered with by the time they got to the scene, and they can show (if needed) a judge exactly where things are without having to read out some really long descr...
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