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Unformatted text preview: er. Then, all the reports are compiled and sent to the main investigating officer to be looked over so that all the information coincides and the chain of command was never broken. Even the coroner, who takes pieces of each organ in the body, has to fill out a document stating what was taken from the body and how it’s stored. Every state has its own forms for different evidence processing, but the information that is needed to fill them out completely and properly are generally similar. For example, toxicology reports ask for a lot of information before a test can be done. Date of offense and a case number would seem the most obvious to fill out, but then the form starts asking weird questions, such as: “Was the sample taken from a deceased person?” Or, “What is the investigators phone number and email”? It starts to seem like the officer is filling out a dating site profile, but then it gets back to serious matters again. “What is the type of case/charge? Who was the sample collected by and on what day at what time?” “Name and DOB of the...
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