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Paired Programming

Paired Programming - experienced with paired programming...

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Paired Programming Rules: 1) 2 Specific, Well-Defined Roles are Required: a. Driver: ‘Drives’ the keyboard and mouse. Sits in front of the keyboard and screen, changes any removable media but does not handle hardcopy documentation. b. Navigator: Does not touch the computer or any hardware. Handles documentation, makes observations and suggestions, points out potential problems, and finds solutions to driver questions. c. These roles require an equal amount of contribution, but have different responsibilities. 2) Swapping Roles is Required . This should be done equally and on a regular basis. a. Switch every 30 minutes to start, use longer intervals once you are
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Unformatted text preview: experienced with paired programming techniques. 3) Paired Programming at a distance is possible through the use of communication software, email, cell phones, etc. 4) Each team will submit the full assignment solution to their WebCT account as usual; however, pairs will receive exactly the same grade. Accordingly, every .cs file and README file should contain the name of BOTH PARTNERS. 5) In the README file, describe in clear format the roles swapping between the team members in the following format: Role Member Description Driver Member 1 Name designed the basic form layout …...
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  • Spring '07
  • ZilleHumaKamal
  • 30 Minutes, Software documentation, both Partners, paired programming techniques, Well-Defined Roles

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