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AANT233 Tikal and Mayans Notes
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Downtown Tikal: North Acropolis (burial place of Early & later major Kings) Central Acropolis (palace) Lost Worlds Complex Ballcourts Causeways Reservoirs Twin pyramid groups Major events in Tikal’s dynastic record: Chak Tok Ich’aak I 360 AD (14 th ruler) Dies AD 378 w/ “arrival of strangers” Teotihuacan? nobleman “Siyaj K’ak” Stela 31 Yax Nun Ayiin AD 378 – new line His son - Siyah Chan K’awil II 411 AD – Stela 31 537 AD Wak Chan K’awil 562 AD Caracol’s war against Tikal 562-692 130 yr “hiatus” at Tikal, Calakmul expands 648 AD Dos Pilas founded 672 AD Nuun Ujol Chaak takes Tikal throne 682 AD His son Jasaw Chan K’awiil restores Tikal His son 734 AD Yik’in Chan Kawiil (27 th ruler) expands, attacks Calakmul… Last stela Tikal – 869 AD Teotihuacan and Classic Maya kingdoms: Start first at Tikal, end of 4 th century, followed closely by Copan Imply forceful dynastic intervention by a foreign power, possibly with cooperation of local factions opposing usurped leaders
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