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026 v thermal voltage at 300k vt ktq properties of

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Unformatted text preview: 0.026 V Thermal voltage at 300K VT = kT/q PROPERTIES OF SILICON AT 300K Symbol Value Description 1.12 eV Band gap energy EG 1010 cm-3 Intrinsic carrier concentration ni Dielectric permittivity εSi 1.0×10-12 F/cm Note that VT ln(10) = 0.060 V at T=300K Electron and Hole Mobilities in Silicon at 300K SCORE: 1 2 3 4 Total: Page 1 / / / / / 20 25 15 20 80 Problem 1 [20 points]: MOS Amplifiers 1) For this problem, use the following parameters for all NMOS transistors: VTH = 0.4 V, μnCox = 200 μA/V2, λ = 0.1V-1, (W/L)1 = (W/L)2 = 10. The current source is ideal. VDD = 2V VDD = 2V 100 μA 100 μA vout Vb M2 vin M1 vout vin Vb Amplifier-A M2 M1 Amplifier-B a) Find the small signal parameters for M1 and M2 (gm, r0). [4pts...
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