Midterm Exam 2 Solutions 08

5pts 1 1 1 1 296 1 10 rads 333 471 ghz 10 rads 531

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Unformatted text preview: circuit. [5pts]. 1 , 1 1 1 2.96 1 , 10 rad/s 3.33 47.1 GHz 10 rad/s 5.31 GHz The dominant pole is the smaller pole, so it is 5.31 GHz . f) Construct the Bode plot of the transistor. Clearly mark the scale of both axes. The Bode plot should show both the low-frequency voltage gain as well as 3-dB bandwidth of the amplifier. [5pts] The low frequency gain on the plot is 20 log 0.975 Page 6 0.22 dB. Problem 3 [15 points]: MOS Devices 3) Below is the cross section of a PMOS transistor: S G D Gate Substrate (Body) B a) What is the doping type (n, n+, p, or p+, where “+” means high doping concentration) of [3pts] i) Source: p ii) Drain: p iii) Substrate (body): n b) Which carrier(s) are involved in current conduction? (...
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