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Show both the expressions and the numerical values

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Unformatted text preview: ow both the expressions and the numerical values. You can make approximations in your expression as long as they are within 10% accuracy. [6pts] 1 1 64.23 ∞ 1 6.525 MΩ Page 3 Problem 2 [25 points]: BJT Circuits and Frequency Response 2) Assume that VCC = 3 V, IREF = 100µA, IS = 10−17 A, VA = 50 V, and β = 100 for all transistors. AE1 = AE2 = 10AE3. RC = 1 kΩ, and RE = 1 kΩ. Assume Cμ = 10 fF, Cπ = 100 fF, and CCS = 20 fF. Vcc = 3V RC vOUT IREF Vb Q1 vIN Q3 Q2 RE a) Identify the functions of Q1, Q2, and Q3. What is the function of this circuit? [3pts] is the amplifying transistor. provides a current bias for by mirroring the current from . provides a reference current by biasing the base of . The circuit is a common-base voltage amp...
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