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Why assume both are long channel devices 3pts the nmos

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Unformatted text preview: hy? (Assume both are long-channel devices) [3pts] The NMOS will have higher transconductance because electrons have higher mobility than holes and √. Page 7 Problem 4 [20 points]: Cascode Amplifiers 4) Below is a cascode amplifier with mixed MOS and BJT transistors: VCC = 3V VCC = 3V 1 mA 1 mA vOUT vOUT Vb M2 Vb Q2 vin Q1 vin M1 Cascode-A Cascode-B MOS transistor parameters: VTH = 0.5V, μnCox = 200 μA/V2, λ = 0.1V-1, (W/L)1 = (W/L)2 = 10 BJT transistor parameters: IS = 10−17 A, VA = 10 V, and β = 100 a) Find the small-signal parameters of the MOS transistor ( g m , r0 ). [2pts] Since they’re biased identically in each circuit (once again, using the approximation that 1) the MOSFETs will have identical small-signal parameter...
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