Midterm Exam 2 Solutions 08

I electrons ii holes iii both electrons and holes

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Unformatted text preview: i) electrons, (ii) holes), (iii) both electrons and holes. (choose one) [3pts] Holes c) If the power supply voltage is 2V and ground is 0V, what bias voltage is usually connected to the body (substrate) of the transistor? Why? [3pts] 2V We want to ensure the n-type side of the pn junctions is at the highest potential to keep them reverse biased. Otherwise, we’ll get substrate current (undesirable). d) Assume the threshold voltage of the PMOS is VTH = -0.4V. If VS = 2V, VD = 0V, find the gate voltages for which the PMOS is (i) cut-off, (ii) in between saturation and triode regions. [3pts] 1.6 V (i) (ii) 0.4 V e) If a PMOS and an NMOS have exactly the same dimension (W, L, and oxide thickness), which transistor has higher g m ? W...
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