Given the following numbers and the representations

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Unformatted text preview: ll 0’s), and that line 7, j LOOP, was encoded as follows: opcode address 000010 0b 000 0010 000 0000 0000 0000 0010 (0x100002) What is the address of line 6, addi $a0,$a0,1? (a) 0x00100002 (b) 0x00400008 (c) 0x0040000C (d) 0x00400018 (e) 0x00100012 15. In line 5, addi $a1,$a1,-1 there is a negative immediate. Immediates are embedded as 16- bit numbers, but this instruction is trying to add it to a 32- bit number in $a1. What happens to the 16- bit immediate during the execution of this instruction? (a) 16 0’s get added in front of it. (b) It gets shifted to the left by 16 bits. (c) 16 1’s get added in front of it. (d) It gets shifted to the right by 16 bits. (e) It gets multiplied by 4. Section IV: Compilers and Loaders For the next three questions, match the phrase that best defines the concept: (a) Translates assembly language into binary instructions. (b) Translates source code into intermediates and immediately executes it. (c) Combines independent programs and resolves labels into an executable file. (d) Related collection of subroutines and data structures. (e) Translate a high- level language into assembly language. 16. Compiler (e) 17. Assembler (a) 18. Module (d) For the next two questions, match the term best associated with the given definition: (a) Assembly Language (b) Machine Language (c) Source Language (d) Target Language (e) Object Language 19. Symbolic representation of a computer's binary encoding (a) 20. High- Level Languages such as C or Java (c) 6 Section V: Number Representations 21. Given the following numbers and the rep...
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