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Unformatted text preview: (d) Increasing STRIDE increases temporal locality and decreases spatial locality. (e) Increasing STRIDE increases temporal locality and does not change spatial locality. 9 CS61C Fall 2013 Midterm Section VIII: Parallelism 36. Which type of parallel computing architecture is no longer commonly encountered in machines today? (a) MIMD (b) MISD (c) SIMD (d) SISD (e) SNSD 37. When thousands of users are browsing (but maybe not buying) items on Amazon.com, what kind of parallelism are their servers handling? (a) EC2 (b) Data- level (c) Hadoop (d) Request- level (e) Strong scaling 38. A given program runs x = 100 floating point operations, 10 of which cannot be parallelized. Assuming the other operations can be perfectly parallelized, what is the speed- up for 9 processors? (a) 10 (b) 5 (c) 9 (d) 11.1 (e) 0.9 39. You've run two MapReduce jobs using the same map and reduce functions. In the first, you processed 10GB in 7min 22sec, using a 5- machine cluster. In the second, you processed 30GB in approximately the same amount of time, using a 15- machine cluster. What kind of scaling did you observe, if any? (a) Weak scaling (b) Strong scaling (c) Weak and strong scaling (d) Inverse scaling (e) No scaling 40. Assuming a fixed data set, which lines on the graph below best represents strong and weak scaling? (a) Strong: A, Weak: C (b) Strong: A, Weak: D (c) Strong: C, Weak: A (d) Strong: C, Weak: D (e) Strong: D, Weak: B 10 Section IX: Lab and Project Knowledge 41. Suppose your Git repository has two branches, branch1 and branch2. branch1 contains only files a.txt and b.txt. branch2 contains only a modified version of a.txt...
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