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C it finds the last location of y in f zeros out that

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Unformatted text preview: int pointer. (e) Nothing; you cannot find the size of an array. 7. The %s format specifier takes in a char* and prints until it finds a null character. What do the following two lines of code print? char *s = "uncharacteristic"; printf("%s",s+s[7]-s[6]); (a) "uncharacteristic" (b) "ncharacteristic" (c) "characteristic" (d) "haracteristic" (e) Nothing; the address is not valid 8. What does the following method do? char * bizarre(char *f,char y) { char *h = f; for (h=f; *h!=y&&*h;) h++; if(*h) { *h = 0; h++; } return h; } (a) It returns a pointer to the first location of y in f. (b) It splits f at the first occurrence of y and then returns a pointer for the remaining string. (c) It finds the last location of y in f, zeros out that location, and then returns a pointer to the next location. (d) It zeros out most of f until it finds y. It then returns a pointer to the location of y in f. (e) Nothing; it cannot be compiled. 3 CS61C Fall 2013 Midterm 9. What does this code print? unsigned char a = 0b01110110; char b = 0b10011010; b >>= 1; b ^= 0b00001101; unsigned char c = a & b; printf("0x%02x",c); (a) 0x40 (b) 0x36 (c) 0x44 (d) 0x01 (e) 0x00 10. What is the FIRST line wrong with this code? Line Code 0 typedef char * yarn; 1 char * get_word() { 2 return "secret"; 3 } 4 void print_word(yarn thread) { 5 printf("%s\n",thread); 6 } 7 int main() { 8 print_word(get_word()); 9 return '\0'; 10 } (a) Line 0: A typedef is being used on a pointer. (b) Line 2: I...
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