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To: Jean Dalmer CEO From: Emil Jihad Date: 08:11:38 Re: Communication Breakdown between Factories and Procurement Department Report Overview Per to your requests, the following report has been complied to describe the reasons for the communication failure between the procurement department and the individual factories. Additionally, this memo will detail what mistakes were made as well as give communication strategies to correct the previously made errors. Case Background Fletcher Electronics faces the problem of rising supplier costs. Even if demand is increasing, the company needs to control the cost of supplies. To consolidate buying of raw materials, the company hired William VanDyke to coordinate procurement. Mr. VanDyke was hired as the Vice President of Procurement. Mr. VanDyke was also assigned Ms Susan Wilks, an employee of fifteen years. Ms Wilks is known for her extensive connections throughout the organization. Mr. VanDyke concluded that all factories should send the full details of any orders exceeding one hundred thousand dollars a week before they were due to be executed. To communicate this, he sent out an informal memo/letter to all factory managers. The response was positive, but the mandate was not carried out by any of the thirty factories. Report Organization After my investigations, I discovered that Mr. Vandyke’s poor communication channel choice as well as lack of face-to-face meetings with the factory managers painted himself as a corporate pushover. This report will detail exactly what went wrong and my suggestions for improvement. 2
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HADM_165_1st_Assngt - Fletcher Communications Memo To Jean...

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